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his is the story about COWI's development from a small one-man engineering company to the global full-service consulting company COWI is today. Here, you can read about our many projects and innovative solutions, which have shaped the world for more than 90 years.

After working abroad for six years, young engineer Christen Ostenfeld returned to his hometown of Copenhagen in 1930. Full of creative energy, the 29-year old established his business in a small apartment in Copenhagen's working-class neighbourhood, Vesterbro, and went straight to work.

Throughout our 90-year history, we have worked with our customers to deliver solutions with long-term societal, environmental and human interests in mind because sustainability is part of our identity and incorporated into our business model.

By combining in-depth knowledge with innovation, a holistic outlook and an understanding of the bigger perspective, we help our customers achieve the best solutions to the benefit of today’s and tomorrow’s society. 

At any given time, we are involved in approximately 10,000 projects across the world and our chief potential for living the ten principles in the Global Compact lies within our service delivery and the solutions that we develop with and for our customers.



Under The Bridge

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