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Fourth-year reflection

As it draws near the end for our fourth years, we sent out a survey which asked them to reflect on their time studying Civil Engineering at the University of Bristol. The best answers we have picked and you can read below.

Favourite thing about Bristol?

Everywhere is walkable, the atmosphere, the people and of course the suspension bridge.

What do you wish you knew in Y1 Civil Engineering?

Lecturers are there to help you, always feel safe to email them and ask questions.

The importance of networking (you can do this at CivSoc industry events!).

Come to your lectures and CivSoc events – the more you come, the more people you will meet on your course and the easier it will be.

It doesn’t matter if you do not get an internship, you will still get a grad job and its good practise applying for companies - just make sure you ask why if you get rejected.

Top tip for success in Civil Engineering?

Make friends on the course that you can rely on to help you with any work related issues (years above can also help – you meet them in your families at CivSoc events).

Start coursework early.

Do the example sheets!

Favourite CivSoc memory.

All of the Christmas balls (this was pretty unanimous!)

Best restaurant in Bristol.

  • Coconut tree

  • Mugshot

  • Batida

  • The lido

  • Aqua

  • Multo Buono

  • Nutmeg

Favourite Unit that you have done over the 4 years.

Applied soil mechanics

Design of concrete and steel

Any of the design units

Field methods aka the one with the field trip

Earthquake structures

Design project 4

Advanced structural analysis

Signature university dish you cook.


Prawn pasta


Fried rice

Pasta and chicken

Halloumi tacos

Aubergine katsu curry

Anything else to add.

Have the best time here.

Work hard, but not too hard that you have any regrets.

Join CivSoc!

Civil Engineering is the best degree.

Run for CivSoc committee – it is really fun and rewarding.

Come to CivSoc socials – it can be daunting at first but it is definitely worth it and everyone is so friendly!


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