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Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, Support 

The CivSoc Equality Action Plan addresses solutions to concerns from all feedback given through the Equality Survey. This ensures that each individual feels included and supported.

Equality Survey Action Plan

Please feel free to fill out the equality survey if you have any concerns regarding welfare and equality in the CivSoc community:

Run a wider variety of social events

  • Run more alcohol-free events (i.e: movie night, games night)

  • Create polls for members to vote on events

Run social activities that allow people to meet outside friendship groups

  • Assign people randomly in Group activities

  • Emphasise family socials

Advertise events as inclusive and welcoming

  • Encourage members to attend socials via WhatsApp family groups

  • Invite people personally

  • Increase number of alcohol free socials and reinforce that drinking alcohol is optional at all events

Ensure freshers are involved

  • Create a buddy system for the freshers

  • Tell members that they can always approach you with any issues

  • Run socials that promote conversation

Image by Gemma Chua-Tran


If you're feeling anxious, lonely or worried, or you are concerned about someone else, contact the Univeristy of Bristol's Wellbeing Support so they can identify the best support for you.

Alternatively, or in addition, consider the support options below: 

Residential Life Service (University accommodation):

Resilife North

Resilife West

Resilife East

Bristol Nightline Website

Bristol Nightline Phone Number: 01179 266 266




call 116 123 for free

We are actively adding more support links, let us know if we have committed any options.

Contact Us

If you have not been able to find what you are looking for contact us using the form below or feel free to email Hana at about any EDI or support related queries. 

Please note, CIVSOC is not able to provide support in the same way that Bristol's professional support services are. 

Girls in the Library

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